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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Springing into Spring!!

It has been nearly a year since my last post. Not quite, but in a few months it will be. We are now in a whole new year & so much has happened to me & my family since then. Some of it good & some not so good & some just downright sad. A lot has involved hospitals & many miles of travel . For now , its getting back to working at my own family life & holding a home together & enjoying my family & dear friends.
Throughout this difficult time, apart from my darling hubby & sons , my dear friends have been my constant. So supportive & loving. Some of these are my newest friends who I have met through my most favourite crafts. Its amazing what health benefits we get through crafting. Not only do we get to focus our thoughts on something else , but we exercise our minds & laughter muscles & we all need to do that. Crafting is also something you can do alone or in a group. I do both , but I am in my most creative phase when working within a group , bouncing ideas off one another. It is this group time that allows me time off from my day job. A couple of hours twice a week is what keeps my going & recharges my batteries. It really is food for the soul.
During my time out , I thought about my little blog here often. I felt guilty , not attending to her needs to be fed with new stories & articles of interest. I felt frustrated at not having time or the mental thought process to write about things that I was making or I had seen. However , here she is patiently waiting to be filled & taken on a journey of creativeness once again. Looking at her stats , it appears that you, her readers have also been doing the same, popping back every now & then to see if something new has popped back on her pages. How disappointed you must have been. But here we are with new things just waiting to be shared here in blogland.
I love books, love childrens books & good novels. Most of all , I love a great crafting book & magazine. I used to regularly buy Mollie Makes , but now only sometimes or if there is an article I particularly want to read. I do sometimes pick up the books they have published. I have a Christmas one & more recently I purchased Woodland Friends. A great little book with some very cute things to make featuring my favourite woodland critters. There are so many items to make you will fall in love with. My favourite is a very cute foxy eye mask. So useful for keeping out the light when in need of a summer afternoon nap or even a full days sleep after a hard nights work!

I cannot wait to whip this foxy beauty out of my stash of fabric & felt. I know I have the perfect fabric in my stash drawer somewhere....
I bought my book on sale in The Works but it is available from many major high street book stores & online ones too. The recommended retail price is £11.99. I paid only £2.99.

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