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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Greetings !

Happy Easter to you all.

Its that time of year again when the Easter Bunny lurks in surprising places & leaves chocolate eggs for all the little children & big ones. Obviously its not actually but we all know the story . What Easter means to me is the importance of family & family life. Normally & when I was growing up, we would all get together & have a big roast dinner, usually of lamb. Pudding would be Lemon meringue pie with lashings of cream. I can feel it on my hips now!
This year it was not to be. The men in my life were all working so I headed for my Mum & had lunch with her. It didn't matter she is in hospital, I still had lunch with her. We are very lucky in the fact that our local hospital is incredibly good & looks after families who come & spend time with their family who are patients. Mum has been there for weeks now & I have become a bit of a fixture. I go every day to see her & help her with daily life in readiness for her homecoming. She is doing well & nearly ready to come home. I cannot wait .
 Lunch was very nice & after a game of 3d noughts & crosses , of which I at last beat my mum hands down, we were ready for a jaunt out for the afternoon. After a quick ride home to see the dogs, I took mum to the local shopping outlet & we had a lovely time . We strolled around the park admiring the wonderful spring flowers & looked at the display of animals a charity had . Meerkats & chickens & a skunk !There was also some little ducklings. Cuteness was in full swing. After a cuppa & cake it was time to head back. A lovely afternoon & Mums first experience of Lincolnshire Springtime full of flowers.

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