LilibetLoves Etsy

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Welcome to my very brand new blog , Lilibet Loves!
Here I will share my crafts & things I make . Show you how I am getting along learning how to do new things . Share with you things that inspire me to be creative or enrich my life.
My previous blog Magweeds Mayhem may have been what has brought you here , or you just may have come across me by accident. I hope you stay a while & enjoy some time & experience some things that I would love to show you. These are things that I love , that Lilibet Loves!


  1. congrats on the new blog........ are you going to do a button for google friends connect as I don't do google plus......... not very popular

    1. Tilly,
      thanks for popping by. I have added Google Friends Connect now. Thank you for the reminder. Things here will get better I promise!