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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Long awaited post for needle felting.

I belong to the Lincolnshire Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers. We meet on a monthly basis & enjoy getting together , celebrating & sharing creations made from fibre . Every so often we have someone to talk to us about a particular hobby that may overlap one of the crafts we practice or may be more in depth with helping us to learn the craft.
My last visit , 2 months ago , we had a wonderful lady called Cindy visit us from Chicktin Creations. Cindy makes these wonderful dogs from needle felting wool fibre together over a wire armature. Her dogs are so lifelike. She told me that a few months ago , she was selling a piece on Ebay. A person lodged a complaint about selling puppies on Ebay as she believed they were real dogs! What a huge compliment to Cindy.
We had a great chat from Cindy & she was asked many questions & showed us how she made her creations. The detail in them is amazing. Obviously to get certain parts for that size is a near impossible task , so Cindy creates those herself. The dogs noses & hooves for the ponies , she sculpts from Polymer clay & most of the eyes are beads she finds at car boot sales or charity shops. Please visit her website & she is also on Facebook as Chicktin Creations. Hope you enjoy the photos below.

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